Mailing List

How do I donate works to the AAF?
• To donate works to AAF, please contact us at: or

Can I take photographs in the gallery?
• Yes, generally you make take photographs in the gallery. This may be subject to change during special circumstances. In such instances, signs will be posted indicating this.

Can I get permission to use images?
• We welcome you sharing images taken in our gallery. 

Does the AAF have a membership programme?
• No, at this time AAF does not have a membership programme. 

Does the AAF sell works of art? 
• AAF does sell art. We have a large selection of works which are viewable by appointment with our gallery manager. We also have contact with many artists in the community and thus are able to facilitate commissioned works and arrange for buyers to see additional works. For more information kindly contact us at:

Can I get reproduction of artworks?
• At this time we do not sell reproductions of artworks, however this is a service we are 
considering in the near future. 

Does the AAF have a permanent collection?
• Yes, over the last eight years, AAF has slowly been building a permanent collection comprised primarily of donated works.


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