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AAF March 2017 Newletter!

Dear Friends and Art Lovers,

It’s been a while since our last newsletter and a lot has happened in that time. We apologize and promise to be more regular this year.

Like everyone else, we’ve been busy dealing with the vicissitudes that life offers whilst trying to make sense of the new world disorder. From Kaduna to Kansas, to Bowling Green, Kentucky, the search is on for truth. It is essential to have some clarity with the complexities of our realities. In Lagos, an activist is detained in a philosophical case of Sorites Paradox while in the U.S a fan base of zealots (rhymes with another impolite word) is expanded by imagining and relating events that never actually happened.

Not to be disheartened, history teaches us many wonderful things and whilst we may heave and sigh, wag the finger and be outraged, we have to consider the hard truths. Inequality especially with education and access to knowledge is the bane of wider society and we are all guilty. We have devolved, in the art world, a language that is obscure and that inflates our ego whilst masking our insecurities. We are gaining new audiences because art is the new cool but we are not doing enough to actually move from mere entertainment to proper engagement, education and umbrage at inequalities and subtle forms of colonization. The internet and social media should have been a wonderful learning tool but both have widened inequalities in many respects over the last ten years.

Access to more misinformation is widening the demographics of the asinine and of those lacking in good judgment. The internet and social media are failing us and the great democratization through the internet is not happening in the way we had hoped. The shakeup is essential and in our experience, change and challenges have always served us genuine growth if embraced with character and genuine humility. This is part of human evolution and is the one true science. This is the time to galvanize and support each other and to rally around just causes. For the well-meaning to be vigilant and sober and to reach out to our friends and brethren across the continent and in diaspora.

But where to start? Testimonies: Nothing quite fills the heart with warmth and readies you for the week like watching Sunday T.V. People narrate how they grew the leg they never had the previous night; and another great story about how the troublesome neighbour who was an evil witch passed on peacefully in her sleep after “we had fasted and prayed”. It was well documented that we had to move from our home on 54 Raymond Njoku Ikoyi, a space we had organically morphed over a ten year period into sort of resolute immobile art installation. What we didn’t know was that the immobile art installation would grow wings and find a bigger more fecund home. Our new space in Victoria Island is a much better fit and enables us do more and host more outdoor exhibitions and events. We are grateful for the kind intervention of our friends at MoMA and Ford Foundation for their help and support. In particular, Elisabeth Easton and Jay Levenson who rallied around us and did all they could to help us at a very difficult time. Thank you. I have said this publicly and I’d like to say it again, Olayinka Stephen our longest serving staff at AAF, thank you for your diligence and character.

More testimonies: LagosPhoto 2017 is happy to announce internationally renowned fashion designer and cultural icon, as our guest curator. Duro has been a frequent guest of the festival and for those who follow him on Instagram, will observe his keen interest in contemporary photography. Duro has also curated a number of critically acclaimed art exhibitions, the latest happening being the very successful Making and Unmaking at the Camden Arts Centre in June 2016.

Here is wishing you all a resolute and great month.


Azu Nwagbogu


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