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Black Box: Sven Marquardt Image

Black Box: Sven Marquardt

Sven Marquardt: Photographer by day, Bouncer by night.

The mystery of Berlin’s notorious Berghain club’s door policy, has been attributed to the elusive discretion of Sven Marquardt. Photographer by day and gatekeeper to the dark underworld of illustrious Berghain by night, Marquardt’s photographs are every bit as encapsulating and emblematic of the zeitgeist of Berlin’s punk scene as the Berghain night club is of the revived techno scene.

Worlds apart in Lagos, Nigeria, AAF is super excited to hold the first showing of Marquardt’s work on the African continent. This immersive showcase transports you to Berlin’s techno scene by way of an installation of Sven Marquardt’s work – a series of digital screens positioned almost reverentially, displaying his black and white images, accompanied by a sound installation by Marcel Dettmann, one of the most influential proponents of the techno music movement and resident DJ at Berghain.

Marquardt was trained in photography before the Berlin Wall fell and became a mentee of the photographer Helga Paris. After Germany’s unification, he took on the profession of bouncer when empty buildings all over the city were inhabited as transient clubs or venues for impromptu parties. The changing face of Berlin – the ultimate mirror of liberalism. From one extreme to the next, a reflection of the freedom of post-soviet rule. A typical week for Marquardt could start directing and shooting photo-shoots for fashion labels or cd covers with an analog camera his instrument of choice, and end guarding hedonistic non-stop raves at Berghain.

Marquardt’s work is as enigmatic as Berghain’s door policy (numerous websites are dedicated to deciphering its strict and idiosyncratic door policy). Luckily at the Black Box exhibition at AAF, our doors lay emphatically open.

Exhibition runs until 11 Nov 2017.

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