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Call for Entries

The prize aims to recognize, honor and ultimately nurture the next generation of visionary image makers and storytellers on the continent. The call is open to African artists using photography and photographic processes as a medium to tell well crafted stories that alter perspectives and create open conversations grounded in pressing contemporary issues. We are interested in seeing bodies of work rather than single images but we are hoping to see submissions from many photographic disciplines from straight documentary, to fine art to experimental works which convey each photographers unique vision. To enter the call, please submit no less than 5 images and no more than 15 on the PHMuseum platform utilizing tag AAFPrize to be considered. The prizes are as follows:
  • 3 photographers to be featured as "story of the week" on PHMuseum and AAF social media handles
  • 3 free portfolio review from PHMuseum Educational Program
  • 1 Four Day Instagram Take-Over on PHMuseum Platform
You MUST include the tag AAFPrize for an entry to be valid, omission of the hashtag will result in a disqualified submission. If you have additional questions please take a look at the FAQ
  • Create a photographer account at
  • Upload a new project include the tag #AAFprize
  • Publish the project using the PUBLISH button in the top right corner


  1. Who can participate
    All African photographers living and working in Africa are eligible to submit. The call is open to photographers at all skill levels.
  2. Is there a submission fee?
    Entry is completely free
  3. I would like to submit more than one series, is this possible?
    It is possible to include more than one series in each submission, however the emphasis is on submissions that tell compelling stories or are cohesive projects.
  4. What photo formats are accepted?
    Jpegs or pngs that are a minimum of 1500 pixels on the short side and less than 10MB in size each. The images will be reviewed on screen only.
  5. How many times can I apply?
  6. Are collaborative submissions permitted?
  7. Are there restrictions on when/where the image was captured?
    Images must have been created in the last 2 years
  8. When do the winners receive notification?
    The open call will close on 21st of July and winners will received notification by the second week of August.
  9. I still need more information, who can I contact?
    Please feel free to reach out to us at


Mon 24th Jun, 2019

All Africa



For more information:

African  Artists' Foundation and PHMuseum are delighted to invite African  photographers living and working on the continent to submit their images  for the first AAF x PHMuseum Photography Prize.