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White Cube Screening

The screening / launch event for White Cube by Renzo Martens

From the boardrooms of Unilever to the exhausted plantations in DR Congo, the film tells an unlikely story. From the profits extracted from plantations to funded museums, from the violence of the plantation system to the aesthetics and civility of the White cube, the film highlights a fundamental question: can museums ever hope to be inclusive when no reparations have yet been paid to the plantation workers whose labor finances the very foundations of these institutions?“Land or art. If I would have to choose... I would choose the land. Where can I put my chair and start making art, if I do not own the land?” -Matthieu Kilapi Kasiama, CATPC.



Sat 10th Apr, 2021

Alliance Française de Lagos / Mike Adenuga Centre

9, Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.



For more information:

White cube is a film directed by Renzo Martens in collaboration with CATPC. It follows the journey of Congolese plantation workers as they set a new precedent. In White cube, the feature-length documentary film, they successfully co-opt the concept of the ‘White cube’ to buy back their land from international corporations. White cube follows the Cercle d'Art des Travailleurs de Plantation Congolaise (CATPC), a plantation workers’ cooperative based on a former Unilever plantation in Lusanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. The film documents CATPC’s success in ending the destructive system of monoculture on their lands.