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LagosPhoto Festival 2019

LagosPhoto Festival 2019

A passport entitles the holder to enter and leave a territory. The most important
element, the data page, formally claims to certify our identity based on standardized categories of nationality, gender and looks. Yet the options available automatically foster stereotypes in terms of sex, race and credibility.


"Passports" is the theme of the 10th edition of LagosPhoto Festival and it intends to delve into the constraints and prospects of the most important official document a human being owns/holds. LagosPhoto invites you to the GRAND OPENING of #LagosPhotoFestival2019 today 27th October 2019.


Venue: Federal Government Press Liaison Office, 9 Broad Street, Lagos Island.

Time: 4:00pm


Exhibition Dates:

October 27th - November 15th 2019


Victoria Island

3b Isiola Oyekan close off Adeleke Adedoyin, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tel: 0809 771 3079



10:00 am - 6:00pm