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LagosPhoto20 Opening Ceremony

For its eleventh edition, LagosPhoto Festival turns its gaze to the burning political, civic and aesthetic ramifications of restitution. It re-routes the optic and debates from Paris,
London, Amsterdam and Berlin back to the African continent. Relocating discussions on the return of cultural heritage, it steps aside from the opinions of experts and museum directors and turns its attention to those citizens, friends and families for their response to the museum of the future. Here restitution and photography are made for one another. While soul and identity lean on longing and memory, photography flickers in the imagination helping to recall and remediate latent knowledge.

With Rapid Response Restitution, LagosPhoto20 embraces the potential for a decolonial “citizens’ history”. Home Museum is a model for a new kind of citizens’ institution, one in which each member of society can contribute to the collective perception of cultural values, and address questions of restitution directly and without delay. Achieved through the democratic medium of photography, LagosPhoto Festival has created a Home Museum with over Two hundred participants from the African Continent, the US, South America, China, and Europe.

Home Museum is the trigger to new ideas around museums and what they could become in the 21st century, a museum driven by visual conversations and kindred narratives rather
than colonial systems of classification.